Gilt Groupe Encourages You to “Pin It”

Flash sales giant Gilt Groupe (client) announced that it is now offering new discounts that can only be unlocked through Pinterest.  Gilt is leveraging Pinterest’s sudden rise in popularity and, with this promotion, is clearly banking on Pinterest’s continued success.

Pinterest is an image-based social media property that encourages users to “pin” images – kind of like bookmarking your favorite pictures.  The images then populate on your profile page, which you can organize into categories that you create.

Gilt’s use of Pinterest is a group-buying play.  Their foray into the “repin to win” style is the Gilt Kids “Pin It to Unlock” promotion.  If an item is repinned 50 times, a promotion with a steeper discount is revealed.

It’s a great move for Gilt whose typical customer tends to be a young, social media-savvy professional.  This promotion leverages a new avenue of promotion and virality while offering another way to offer its customer base that sense of exclusivity and urgency.