It's All About the Guys

Flash sales used to be all about women.  The industry is based on the sample sale model that was dominated by women (think about the running of the brides at Filene’s Basement).  That heavy female representation transferred over into the digital realm, until now.

Jackthreads, the only flash sales site that caters exclusively to men, just passed a significant milestone: 2 million members.  While that number might still seem paltry by comparison to the army of flash sales websites that cater disproportionately to women, it shows that there is a market here, that the male segment, almost exclusively left out in the past few years, is interested in time-sensitive, members-only sales on designer apparel.

Launched in Ohio with a few thousand users, Jackthreads’ growth has been rapid, doubling its user base since last year, thanks in part to its recent association with Thrillst, a men’s lifestyle brand that gave the men’s flash sales player a captive, relevant audience.  Beyond Jackthreads, other established flash sales websites like Gilt, Ideeli and Rue La La have increased their men’s sales event, redoubling their efforts to reach guys.

Men may never have the same kind of pull women do in online apparel shopping, but they’ve shown that the flash sales industry is not as one-dimensional as previously thought.